Abaana’s Hope week 6

I feel like I have done quite a lot this week ; so this blog may be a little longer than the usual. My aunt arrived for her visit at the end of last week. I have enjoyed her being here so much.IMG_1179

At the beginning of the week we climbed the water tower on the property. I have climbed it many times before, but never at sunset. So we climbed it at sunset this time and it was beautiful.IMG_1474


photo credit: Mom


I spent a good bit of time at the jewelry room as usual, and did week two of my classes at the school. I feel as if the kids were progressing. One afternoon I went down the daycare and played with a few of the kiddos after school.


Rolling beads at the jewelry room



The kiddos at recess


photo credit: Addi Moody


I love this smile


Addi trying to catch a little chick


photo credit : Ella Moody


My favorite part of the week by far was the women’s leadership home visit. The visit this month was at the home of a good friend of ours. She prepared a huge meal, and it was a delicious one as well. We did a small devotion and enjoyed a wonderful time with the women.


My boy



10 thoughts on “Abaana’s Hope week 6

  1. Rachel, your blogs are so enjoyable. The pictures make me feel like I’m there with you. Your dad would be very proud of you. I wish I could join your art class at the school.


  2. I love your posts and pictures. They are such a blessing. You are growing into such a beautiful lady. We love you and miss you!


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