Week 8 at Abaana’s Hope

I didn’t take as many pictures this week as I usually  do. Actually many of these pictures are just from Monday. For the fourth of July a three person team was here and one of the team members cooked a pig for all of the missionaries and we had the best barbecue ever. I went without my camera that day and just had fun. One of my favorite parts of my week was on Monday when one of my little kiddos and his mom were at Abaana’s Hope to grind corn and I was able to help my little buddy chase chickens away from the corn.


one of the kitchen workers



sorting beans at the kitchen



One thought on “Week 8 at Abaana’s Hope

  1. I’m so glad we can get a glimpse of your week!! I’ve been doing stuff without my camera a lot too. 😉
    Your buddy looks sooooo adorable!!! What’s his name? I loved the pictures! Such precious little children!! ❤


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