Uganda 2018

I recently came back to the U.S. a few weeks ago from my short trip to Uganda. Sadly I was not able to stay in Uganda as long as usual this time, but I was still able to spend plenty of time with all of my wonderful friends and take a lot of pictures as well. This year I spent most of my time at the jewelry room and at the school. One of my absolute favorite times of day is at ten o’clock, when the school children have their recess. Even though the trip was shorter than usual, I am still very happy that I was able to spend time in this wonderful place.




Today, I spent Easter at my Grandparents house. My Grandmother loves growing flowers. I love going to their house at springtime and seeing all of the beautiful flowers everywhere. To celebrate Christ’s Resurrection here are some of my favorite photos that I took yesterday of God’s beautiful creation!IMG_3487IMG_3482IMG_3479IMG_3512IMG_3443IMG_3485IMG_3452IMG_3446

Last Full Week in Uganda

I will be leaving Uganda on Wednesday. It is always hard to leave such a lovely place. I will miss it very much. Here are my photographs from the last full week in Uganda.


photo credit : Addi Moody



photo credit : Addi Moody



Well, he enjoyed his lunch.



One of the kitchen workers leading a song before a devotion.


Two of the kiddos painting.



The youngest of the missionary kids



I was told this goat’s hair looked like mine.

Week 8 at Abaana’s Hope

I didn’t take as many pictures this week as I usually  do. Actually many of these pictures are just from Monday. For the fourth of July a three person team was here and one of the team members cooked a pig for all of the missionaries and we had the best barbecue ever. I went without my camera that day and just had fun. One of my favorite parts of my week was on Monday when one of my little kiddos and his mom were at Abaana’s Hope to grind corn and I was able to help my little buddy chase chickens away from the corn.


one of the kitchen workers



sorting beans at the kitchen


Week 7 in Uganda

I wasn’t at Abaana’s Hope all this week. My aunt was leaving this week and before she left we went to the safari park for two days. Before we left for that I took a few pictures around Abaana’s Hope, but not as many as usual.IMG_2057IMG_2051IMG_2076IMG_2062

At the safari park we went on a safari, a boat ride down the Nile, and went to the top of Murchison Falls. The safari was amazing. Surprisingly we saw no elephants but to make up for it we saw plenty of lions.IMG_2117IMG_2133IMG_2121IMG_2167IMG_2178IMG_2170IMG_2185IMG_2249IMG_2247IMG_2197IMG_2234IMG_2305IMG_2306IMG_2320IMG_2366IMG_2340IMG_2426IMG_2440IMG_2466Before we headed to the airport we stopped at Uganda’s oldest hotel. During the filming of The African Queen, Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn stayed here. Ernest Hemingway also stayed here during his plane crash near Murchison Falls.


The movie stars’ room



Abaana’s Hope week 6

I feel like I have done quite a lot this week ; so this blog may be a little longer than the usual. My aunt arrived for her visit at the end of last week. I have enjoyed her being here so much.IMG_1179

At the beginning of the week we climbed the water tower on the property. I have climbed it many times before, but never at sunset. So we climbed it at sunset this time and it was beautiful.IMG_1474


photo credit: Mom


I spent a good bit of time at the jewelry room as usual, and did week two of my classes at the school. I feel as if the kids were progressing. One afternoon I went down the daycare and played with a few of the kiddos after school.


Rolling beads at the jewelry room



The kiddos at recess


photo credit: Addi Moody


I love this smile


Addi trying to catch a little chick


photo credit : Ella Moody


My favorite part of the week by far was the women’s leadership home visit. The visit this month was at the home of a good friend of ours. She prepared a huge meal, and it was a delicious one as well. We did a small devotion and enjoyed a wonderful time with the women.


My boy


Art Class ( week 5 at Abaana’s Hope )

This week I began teaching art lessons to the students at Living Stones School. I will continue doing this for the rest of our stay in Uganda. Week one of this was a success! For the first week I taught the kiddos how to draw a hippo. Not too many of the drawings ended up looking like a hippo, but the kids loved it. IMG_1068IMG_1101IMG_1090IMG_1084IMG_1121IMG_1115IMG_0924IMG_0918img_0925.jpg